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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
I see you didn't read the thread, as I completely disagree that this is relevant at the most basic level of abortion. When we focus on this as a benchmark, we obfuscate the issue, which is: human being or not, should a woman be legally forced to donate her organs to another creature for 9 months? Just like no one is legally obligated to ever donate a nonessential organ to a family member, no one should be legally obligated to donate their body to a child, potential or otherwise.
If they're pregnant through no fault of their own, rape or incest or anything else, no they shouldn't be forced to carry. Same if it is medically unsafe to either the mother or child.

I have no problem with birth control. A quick search on the Planned Parenthood website brings up some twenty or so different forms of birth control. Abortion isn't listed as one and I don't think it should be. I think it should be used for the situations I described above or other such dire or unfortunate situations, on the advice of the woman's doctor.

But, to be clear, I describe an ideal situation or guideline. Not the reality, and I do not wish to alter that reality. I think a woman should be able to choose (although, I'd at least hope that if you're in a loving relationship with your partner you would at least have a discussion with them, for politeness' sake - with the ultimate call still being that of the woman). I'd just prefer if it weren't used as a form of birth control., for a really poor analogy, I think everyone should wash their hands before they eat in all situations. Ideal situation. But, that doesn't happen. I don't think they should be forced to wash their hands.

Anyway, it's not a disease. It isn't spontaneous. You have unprotected sex, you may get pregnant. You've had twenty other opportunities to have protected sex and significantly increase your chances of not getting pregnant, if not altogether eliminating the possibility. If you have unprotected sex, willingly, you shouldn't be forced to carry. But I'd think you have basically signed the paper work for inviting a tenant in, so to speak. Not a surprise. If you've willingly had unprotected sex, you've willingly allowed for the possibility of getting pregnant. You shouldn't be forced to carry, no. But there were also a number of faster and easier methods you could have done beforehand. It should be a last resort, but still possible. Really, I just wish people were smarter about how they go about things if they don't want a child in the first place.

And I think the question of when there is life or the potential for life is valid. If there's a point where it can feel pain or it is viable outside the womb, why not have that period be off limits to elective abortions (still valid for medical emergencies, say). You can still have an abortion prior to that point and its still a lot of time to do it within.
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