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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
It is not sexist in that a woman is not free to walk away from an already born child that the man wishes to keep. Just like she would have to pay child support if she walked away, so would he. It is a unique situation in pregnancy in that men cannot get pregnant. Therefore, giving them rights in pregnancy is literally the man dictating to the woman how she uses her body. That's very illegal and very immoral at its most base level.
The man cannot get pregnant, but he certainly contributed to the pregnancy.

And, I don't understand your argument. You compare it to parents walking out after birth to show how it is okay. But, either parent is able to do that. During pregnancy, only one can. So how is it the same?

And the man shouldn't dictate. But he can be involved. Like many other decisions couples make. Where should we go for dinner tonight? Should we get a dog? Do you like this colour paint for the wall? You work together, you gather input and information, and whoever the more interested party is makes the decision based on that. Again, not a requirement. But I think its... nicer?
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