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    Originally Posted by Kurapika View Post
    Since I see people asking questions here, I have a problem using ldr with cmp. I am making a code that compares two words, one located in the RAM and the other located in the ROM. so what I do:
    ldr r1, .word1 ldr r1, [r1] ldr r2, .word2 ldr r2, [r2] cmp r1, r2 beq YayTheyEqualz ...
    The problem is, the jump never occurs even when the words are equal... So I tried this:
    ldr r1, .word1 ldrh r1, [r1] ldr r2, .word2 ldrh r2, [r2] cmp r1, r2 beq SecondHalf ... SecondHalf: ldr r1, .word1 ldr r1, [r1, #0x2] ldr r2, .word2 ldrh r2, [r2, #0x2] cmp r1, r2 beq YayTheyEqualz ...
    And this 2nd code works correctly but takes more space and it is more complicated. So, I'm wondering if ldr and/or cmr commands have some particular behaviour that makes the first code not working??? Or am I just doing something wrong?
    Would you mind giving us all of the ASM in the regular format? It is really tough the read this way.

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