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    Originally Posted by Chra View Post
    When will the next beta version be out, I just can't wait any longer D:
    This is probably the best hack I've come across so far.
    Hahha thanks! That means a lot. I've been working on it a lot more recently, scripting and such.
    Chances are it'll be out in June. That being said I don't want to rush it, as the other releases have been pretty glitchy

    Yeah, we're waiting for the next release man! Also, please add some 4/5th Gen. pokes asap, please.
    I don't really plan on any 3/4/5th gen pokemon at the moment. That being said, some of the evolutions of Gen 1/2 pokemon may make an appearance. Not by the next one though, sorry

    I don't know if this is a known bug or not. But I just used abra's teleport. But it teleported me not to the pokecenter, but to an empty gym or something like that. Which you can't escape.
    yeah Teleport is a bit buggy. I'm going to look into fixing that. Dig works fine however.

    Hmm... this seems to be a 3rd generation version of Pokemon Team Rocket Edition, did you got inspired also by that game?
    Surprisingly no, I'd never played that. The Rocket hacks I have heard about are Fuligin, Toxic Purple and TDT. The problem I found with many of them was that it didn't feel like real Team Rocket. I can't say anything about TRE though.

    I noticed when I search Pokemon Apollo on goog, there's some pages about a team rocket member named that. So I was just wondering Bayer, where did you get the name idea "Apollo?"
    I originally was going to just called it Pokemon Rocket. But to me that sounded strange so I just went for a kind of rocket. Originally I planned on making the player Apollo and forcing gender, but to me grunts are more fun.