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    Jericho Godbane
    Ruins of Oerba: Ghasts

    Jericho Godbane leaped the small crevice across the stone rocks, Grimaxe safely slung on his back. According to rumors, there are a number of Ghasts who suddenly appeared in or near the Ruins of Oerba. During normal times, Jericho would ignore such rumors, as ghasts usually do not tend to pose any danger as long as people don't go looking for them actively. However, what caught Jericho's attention to this case is that these ghasts, according to the townspeople are crystalline in appearance. Jericho became piqued with interest. A ghast is one; a crystalline ghast is another. He decided to hunt them down, no intention to eradicate if it is not needed, and simply observe them. However, during the time he spent down in the ruins, around a day or less, he saw no signs of ghasts, either their trail or the crystalline material they were supposedly made of.

    Jericho already decided to check back on town when he heard gunshots. Finally! he immediately doubled back, and went in the general direction of the sound. Jericho leaped across a huge boulder easily, despite the rock being almost half in his size. The sound. Was that a pistol? No, the sound was too cracked to be a pistol. Might be a gunblade. Jericho listened for a sound again, but there was none to be heard until...

    "Only three more to go," a voice really near Jericho said. Jericho stopped, and peered over at the edge of the cliff. Below it, almost a hundred feet below were rooftops of houses, probably the remains of Oerba. A man was bandaging his left arm, though he seemed pretty fine. A couple of Wyverns lay dead at his feet.

    "Hey, mister!" Jericho shouted, hoping the man could hear him. Despite lacking the Grav-Con device the military favors, Jericho easily leaped down to a ledge, and started climbing down onto the houses, his Grimaxe still slung behind his back.

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