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Revamped some more old sprites~ C+C please and what-not. c:

Quick summary of the things I changed:
* Redid all the sprites- updating the palettes, smoothing them out a bit more etc.
* Added gems to all of them to make them more of a trio- before I thought that they didn't look "similar" enough. I have some kind of backstory for the gems too so yeah.
* Small changes on most of them- Titaneon has spikes coming out of his face, Terragon has some metal plate and body patterns etc.
* Updated the backsprites and brand new menu sprites.

Copied from dA because I'm lazy. :o

Terragon (terra & dragon)
The Horned Dragon Pokemon
"Terragon is the fastest Pokemon at burrowing in existence. It's said it helped shape the land."
Ability: Pressure/Sand Force (hidden ability)
Carcagon (carcass & dragon)
The Resurrection Pokemon
"These Pokemon lurk around graveyards, feasting on the souls of the deceased to become stronger."
Ability: Pressure/Levitate (hidden ability)
Titaneon (titanium & dragon)
The Metallic Dragon Pokemon
"Titaneon are covered in thick metal armour that is nearly impenetrable. Only the strongest attacks can damage it."
Ability: Pressure/Sheer Force (hidden ability)
These sprites can be used as long as you credit me. c: