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    it's time for yet another insubstantial update

    Put in a bit of RSE music.
    Adjusted Snivy line's level-up movepool so it isn't stuck with terrible moves for as long.
    Gave Tentacruel Swords Dance and Power Whip by relearner.
    Murkrow now evolves at level 37 instead of by stone.
    Drastically raised Smeargle's stats. I know this might seem a bit broken, but lacking Spore and being in an environment where most things have broad, useful movepools makes it very hard for it to find a niche.
    Jynx line now gets Water Absorb as a secondary ability.
    Magmar and Magmortar get ThunderPunch by relearner.
    Polished up some pokedex entries.
    Inserted Damp Rock, Heat Rock, Light Clay.
    The game no longer makes fun of you for forgetting to enable Set mode.
    Charge now raises special defense.
    Polished Drain Punch and Close Combat animations.
    TM26 is once more obtainable from Giovanni and the TM merchant.
    Fixed the silly tile errors in Lance's room.
    Replaces various sprites. (Thanks for permission to use the Mantine, 11bayerf1!)
    Fixed Technician and Multiscale not working under certain circumstances.
    Moved the hard patch to its own folder so it'll be less confusing to patch properly.

    Yet Another Fire Red Hack

    Physical/Special Split
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