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I'm going to be honest with you. You know I'm going to be honest. It's okay that I can be honest with you. We know each other well enough to do this.

I only really looked at the first page of your gallery because I knew; I knew, Gav has posted some kind of critique. That's what I wanted to see. I really couldn't tell you with any truthfulness that I wanted to see the evolution of your work. I had no intention on writing what I'm about to write.

I saw it. I actually saw it. God, I must have read completely through the first five pages before I absolutely had to come back here to comment. You have come such a long way since, what was it, 2010? Some ridiculously early time in your graphics career. Looking back, I can't say I ever truly appreciated your work before, because I never had a good standing on what your journey, in its entirety, meant. It makes me feel like all of my, "omg deroo y u so guuuud???" critiques are complete junk, now that I know the actual extent you went to on the road to improving yourself.

I mean, look at this.

Let's face it, almost everything looks good to me because I have no understanding of graphics. Some kid comes along and posts that? Cool, good job, 10/10, would recommend. But you? No, no, no. I know you better than that. That tag? While it was probably an astounding achievement in your early years, pales in comparison to your current works. It literally gravels at the heels of what you're producing today.

Check this out.

Are you seeing these two tags? Here, look at them again. Back to back.

Really take it in. Did you feel that? That incredible sensation of overwhelming understanding and clairvoyance?

I bet that's not even your best work. You know, I know it's not your best work. You said it's not your best work. It's unfinished. And yet, compared to what you were producing, it's simply genius. Your colors used to be washed out, your textures were messy, and your text placement left something to be desired. I mean, you can go and read all of those old critiques. I can't tell you anything that you don't already know. Now? While there is always rooms for improvement, it's more clear to me than it's even been that you've been harvesting true inspiration.

It's not just your technique, nor your skills, nor your software that's improved. It's your style. I told you once that you have the most distinct style of all the graphic artists in A&D. I stand behind that theory more now than I ever have. No, in fact, screw A&D. In all of PC, you are the most defined artist. What I see here most is someone who rejected conformity, even forgoing the insightful words of your superiors, to hone a style that is completely unique. I see a seasoned artist, who's work I had never truly seen before today, who come into his own at some point between now and 2010.

I'm shocked Dero, I really am. Like I said, I really didn't expect to write any of this. You've improved exponentially since you first posted your work here. I am so, so proud of you. Moreover, I'm so happy you decided to merge your galleries because I think every artist here can learn something from taking the time and reading through your gallery. This was so worthwhile, I can't even articulate exactly how much so.

Sorry for making this to tl;dr.. but, I don't know, I was just really taken aback. Naturally, any number of flaws could be picked from your most recent work, being subject to opinion and personal preference, by people infinitely more qualified than myself -- no one can ever say that you haven't put in the time to make yourself better. You should be very proud. If I'm still around, I'd love to see what you can do three years from now. :)
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