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Originally Posted by Fenneking View Post
"So much for Republicans wanting to keep government out of people's lives."

In defense of what Freaky was saying, despite this judge's political ideology, it doesn't necessarily mean his actions speak for other Republican/Conservative Judges nor the Republican party. When either a democrat or republican make a poor decision, it doesn't necessarily speak on behalf of the entire party. Generalizations should not be made from one judge; seldom would any other Republican or conservative judge agree with the verdict given the illogical legal reasoning employed.

So there is partial truth to what both of you are stating. X and Freaky
Technically, my statement was true as well. It was drawn from the Republican Parties official stance on gay marriage, and it is the stance that the majority of the party supports.

While his actions don't speak for all, they speak for the majority and are similar to the official stance of the Republican Party.
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