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Originally Posted by LycaNinja View Post
Thats a good point about it being a stepping process... They are trying to ease some people into things and only bring in a few new features per generation so they have a backlog of features to add. Generation 7 is likely to ink a bit closer to everything we want and maybe feature one thing we want now and get more and more features as we go on.
Yeah it seems like Gf is taking the ship slowly towards a new direction if these rumors are true, careful not to completely remove a staple feature or add a completely new one all at once, specifically with the Hm's. Hopefully this may mean no Hm's by X generation.

Patrice makes me think of Patrat tbh xD. Also while some say it works due to the trice being pronounced as trees it can work in another way, and that is the rice part. Rice may not be a tree but it is a grain, and grains grow from plants.

The pokemon Inkay sounds like it may be some monkey or some sort of Imp. I think Monkey as they're associated with jumping, and flipping the 3Ds makes me think of jumping for some reason...
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