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Well I wasn't directly referencing gay marriage platform; supporting gay marriage vs custodial rights/civil unions is quite a difference. Most republicans support civil unions, and further, we are discussing conservative/republican-leaning judges and how they would have decided this case, rather than their stance on gay marriage.

Actually, I thought this was interesting:
"According to a recent ABC News/Washington Post 2013 poll, 52% of Republicans under the age of 50 now support the legal right for same-sex couples to marry. Support for the freedom to marry has increased dramatically among every demographic. And the most concerning statistic for the GOP is this—81% of 18-29 year-olds support marriage for all."

I know from college that all of the conservative/republican students, urm, except one or two, supported gay marriages. So, this actually corroborated some of my own observances of the young GOP.

Anyway, most conservative judges would not have ruled accordingly. This judge is different in that he belongs to a polar extreme form of social conservatism by which he is obligated to engage or he will lose reelection. Most other district courts are not as captive to extreme social conservatism, even in conservative districts and implement more moderate legal reasoning especially at the Federal Court Level. Therefore, many, if not most, self-proclaimed conservative/republican judges would not have made the same judgement against the the couple. In the article provided above, there is corroborating evidence that Republicans/conservative electorates affect judgeship ideology. Further, Texas Republicans are much different in their ideology than another Republican Judge, let's say in Ohio or Maine. The point being, a substantive number, if not majority, of conservative/republican judges would have ruled differently depending upon their constitutions and political ideology within the umbrella of conservatism, thus, it is unfair to generalize.
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