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Here's what I'm predicting so far...

How accurate do you guys think I am?

Originally Posted by Rivvon View Post
I can just imagine, the 3DS misinterprets you turning your 3DS upside-down, or you do it too slowly/late--gotta level up again! Yeah, doesn't seem like a feature I'd like to see.
And I don't want to have one of the rivals give you their starters because...well, first off, then rechallenging them will be...awkward, if they keep that. Why the starter, of all things? And if we really have another professor who gives you a Kanto starter, then you get your rival's starter, and then you have your own.......

Some of the things this guy says are okay, the rest are just...bad. If he is legit, I'm hoping some of these things are just lies made up by him.
Wasn't the Kanto starter thing a rumor in the last two generations?

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