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    Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
    Well doesn't Mantyke already require a Remoraid in the party to evolve? I don't think Pancham's evolution method is any more confusing than that.
    Except Dark types are scarce enough as it is. Currently there is only 23 dark types (if Pokemon with evolutions only counted once, and not 3 times for example.) That doesn't leave Pancham with many options, and who is to even say there will be many dark types in any early routes? Unless you can have two Panchams in a party and have both evolve, but that is a lame loop hole I just can't imagine in the game. It just doesn't make much sense to do this evolutionary method with Dark types to me.

    Not to mention what is even the point in Pancham specifically having this way to evolve. Evolutions don't just randomly happen, they make sense. Something like Nincada evolves into Ninjask AND Shedinja because it leaves behind a shell of itself, something real life Cicada's do. It makes sense. Mantyke evolves with Remoraid in the party because they have a relationship of symbiosis. Remoraid help clean Mantyke of debris and other small fish, while Mantyke is Remoraids 'shield' from bigger predators. It makes sense for them to have an evolution related to each other. Pancham's rumored evolution here however does not seem to make sense to me, but rather just seems to be thrown together as a half-assed gimmick with no reason.
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