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"Mister!" I heard. I looked toward the voice to see a person coming toward me. The word didn't fit the user at all, the guy was huge. I actually thought he might have been some monster. "Uh hey I guess." I said out of curiosity. I could see that he had a rather large axe, probably too heavy for me to wield very well. "Are you here hunting the Wyvernns too?" I asked, hoping he wasn't going to ruin my birthday hunt, "Because I'm going to have to ask you to not hunt the ones I tracked here."

I folded my gunblade, and put it in its holster. I took my targe off and put it on a strap around my back. I also packed all of medical supplies. "By the way, ever hear of a Grav-Con? Good device, it allows one to fall great heights without taking damage. There's other tech like it that allow humans to use magic. Maybe you should invest in finding one." I finished packing up and finally said. "Or you can continue jumping off buildings, risking your life."
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