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    Jericho Godbane
    Ruins of Oerba: Ghasts II

    Jericho leaped the last few feet, and he landed (with a huge thud!) nearly in front of the guy. He clapped his hands together, removing any dust from his gloves that had accumulated during his descent. Jericho took a good look with the man in front of him. For a man, he seemed pretty decent in height. Jericho placed him from five-foot-ten to six feet. He is holding a gunblade, one of the lighter versions that pack a greater bark than a bite. And the great Jericho Godbane proved that he is well versed with weapon sounds. A long Wyvern tattoo is marked in his arm.

    "Are you here hunting the Wyvernns too? Because I'm going to have to ask you to not hunt the ones I tracked here," the guy said. He folded his gunblade, and slung it on his waist. He started packing his things, which included a really comprehensive first-aid kit. "By the way, ever hear of a Grav-Con? Good device, it allows one to fall great heights without taking damage. There's other tech like it that allow humans to use magic. Maybe you should invest in finding one. Or you can continue jumping off buildings, risking your life," the man offered as he finished packing. Jericho shook his head.

    "Nah, Grav-Con devices are useless when your body is too big to notice large distances. I may think of buying one if I see a distance that I could not jump, you know. Plus, I don't even think that Grav-Con can hold my bulk," Jericho explained. He preferred using the word 'bulk' rather than 'weight' because it has a certain power in it. 'Bulk.' "Anyway, Jericho Godbane," Jericho said, extending his gloved-hand towards the man. "And no, I am not hunting Wyverns. Pesky little buggers. Rather, I heard of a rumor of a crystalline ghast, maybe more around here. Do you happen to see some indicator of it?" He looked around the area. The Wyvern corpses were starting to smell. Urk. Buggers.

    "I already scourged the area for almost a day, and yet I could not find any of them."

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