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    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    *But Bear-based Pokemon have mono-types, so this has to be false.

    *Best Evolution Method Ever XD

    *Another cat Pokemon, as expected

    *That's kinda sad don't you think?

    *I want to believe ;_;

    *Well that stinks

    *At least there's less of them

    *Thank you!

    *What happens if the user doesn't hold a berry?

    *Could be useful

    *But which of those two forme should Mewtwo use upon his return to Super Smash Bros.? That's what concerns me

    *But aren't secondary types for starter Pokemon suppose to be only types that were formerly physical-based prior to Gen IV? Also, no starter trio is suppose to have one starter whose secondary type makes it immune to the other starter's secondary type from the same trio.

    I hope a few of these rumors are false, because they're pattern breakers.
    Bear based Pokémon don't necessary have to be monotype, I just think that's a coincidence of the one's we've had thus far.
    I'm guessing with the lack of berry it won't work just like other berry/item using moves.
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