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    Jericho Godbane
    Ruins of Oerba: Ghasts III

    "If you describe it to me I may able to find it very easily. I'm the best tracker and hunter on Pulse, there is only one beast to ever best me!" The man, who introduced himself as Daniel, said. He then laughed, the sound echoing throughout the ruins. It would attract monsters nearby, if there are any, but Jericho is confident he is able to fend them off. He's not quite sure about Daniel though. He is confident, yes, but Jericho could only hope that he is more capable than confident.

    "Well, I have never seen a crystalline ghast before. And I am not surprised you haven't seen one either, crystalline or not. Well, ghasts tend to flock near ruins or cemeteries. They are of the Undead, you know. Groaning, shambling, with little bits of flesh and flakes of skin falling off. Can you imagine it?" Jericho made a swiping motion with his huge arms. "Typical undead. Their appearance vary with the area they can be found. Imagine a dead guy, one that was killed in battle. Okay? So, you've got the wounds, the blood, probably the decapitated arm. Then make that man walk, and you have a ghast." Jericho was having a hard time describing ghasts to Daniel. "Do you imagine it?"

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