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Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
About time I join this club!

Name: Avishka
Partner Pokemon: Pidgey, Ursaring and Snorlax
Reason for Joining: they're one of my favourite types, normal type is simply a diverse and a big type and most of them are cute <33
Answer the current topic:
What Normal types would you like to make stronger in terms of stats, abilities and moveset?
Normal types are not used often. i would like to see Braviary and Azurill stronger
Favorite Normal Type Move: Body Slam and Pay Day <33
Welcome to the club :D!

As for the topic. thats pretty interesting. What aspect about Braviary would you like to be improved?

Originally Posted by Iloveeevee View Post
I just thought it was fun to use since it does a lot of damage. I didn't know it lowered friendship also D:
I'm not sure if it does lower friendship. I was just often worried that it might due to a pokemon's friendship being lowered when it faints. But they might not have made explosion count towards that, ya know?

I agree with you that most of the Normal types are cute. <3 I remember using Pay Day with a Meowth to earn lots of money and combined with the Amulet Coin I made quite a lot. xD
:O I never thought of that before!