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Originally Posted by Trainer Jun View Post
It's been a while since I've seen you post, Retribution. Though I haven't been doing much lurking lately... Anyway, I thought it fitting to post something I made around the time I started really doing trainer sprites.

It's Trainer Yellow. Bits of fusion, some scratch... I figure I'm just going to re-do her, anyway, so I might as well give people a Yellow to use, with proper crediting, of course.
Yeah, it's been a while. xD Real-life has kinda taking over atm lol, and if I do upload stuff it's usually to deviantArt. :x I really like the sprite though- you really managed to get in all the details and the anatomy is really good too. :D

Originally Posted by Bryancct View Post

Terrragon: Maybe a bit too dithered? Although I do see that your personal style involves a lot of dithering, and third gen sprites (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen) sometimes use dithering, but too much of it can take away from the "pokemon feel". The backsprite is very nice, and dithering is widely used in backsprites so it fits your style very well.

Carcagon: Its backsprite looks almost like it is facing right directly. Maybe hide the gem from view, since if it would be looking towards the upper right direction, I don't think we'd see the gem. And maybe reposition the "ears" like Titaneon's.

Titaneon (sounds like an eeveelution, lol): This one's my favorite among the three. The pose really works, considering it's very hard to come up with poses for snake-like bodies. Steel/metallic parts are really hard to manage, even I myself can't shade metal properly without using references like Skarmory or the Magnemite-line The face looks over-highlighted, seeing you used a highlight color and added another highlight (white) on top of that highlight color (see attached ok wow terrible example punches self I hope you see what I mean). Also, you might want to reconsider your palette, you can save up to 4-5 colors.

Overall, your fakemon concepts are really creative. You can do backsprites very well, but be careful with dithering for front sprites.

Again, these are all personal opinions and preferences. Keep on spriting, you're very good at it!
Woah, in-depth cc. I like it! :D And yesh, Titaneon does sound a bit like an eeveelution but idk what I think to Titanagon- sounds a bit strange so I might come up with a completely different prefix.

Terragon: Yeah, the dithering is a bit extreme I figured it worked well with the sprite but I can always tone it down a bit and see how it looks. Thanks for the comment about the backsprites. :D

Carcagon: I noticed the backsprite looked like it was almost facing the player when doing it. It does kinda make it look a bit creepier, but I'll try hiding the gems and moving the eye forward anyway. I'll look into the ears too.

Titaneon: Thanks :D I think it might have been the first one I sprited so it's gone through a lot over the years lol. Yeah, when shading the more shiny metal parts I did have a bit of trouble- I think I looked at some references like Aggron and I couldn't find any 'sty'e I really wanted. :x If only there was another metal snake-like Pokemon... I'll try experimenting a bit more & I'll see if I can improve it. Yeah, the white highlight is a tad unnecessary when I look back at in in retrospect. Speaking of the palette, I bet there are a lot of extra colours- I remember when recolouring them for the shinies I found this. I might have to index the sprites too to narrow down the palette.

Thanks again for the comments. :D I might add some more detail to this post later when I have some more time.