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Black 2 Unova Adventure Part V

Last Time: "Black 2 Unova Adventure Part IV 2/2" (Post #29 on this thread on Pg.2)

Tim had spent literal months training his team in the Desert Resort to over prepare for the next Gym in Nimbasa. After finishing, he finally arrived in Nimbasa. Slowly exploring the town over. His beautiful Leavanny performed in a musical. He then went to the Small and Big Dome and battled several athletes.

Soon after he battled two idiots in front of the Battle Subway with a mysterious female trainer. After winning, Tim and the chick received access to the Subway whenever they wanted. Tim headed east and visited the old Nimbasa gym battling former official Gym Trainers and then moved to the current Nimbasa Gym and witnessed Elesa's obvious over-compensating gym. After beating her into the ground with Krokarok... alone... Tim left the gym with his fourth Gym Badge and sense of satisfaction of beating the crap out of Elesa...
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