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    Dexter Patrick Prince || Dead Forest

    "I...I feel like somethings watching us," Rosie said, pulling out her jacket and moving close to Dex. Oh my. Dex' heart was racing fast. There was never a girl that close with Dex. "Uhmmm... Yeah," was all Dex managed to say. The air around them felt real cold. An image suddenly flashed inside Dex' mind. A murdered bursting out of the trees, holding a bloodied knife. Dex shook of the thought. "I think it's better if we let our Pokemon out. You know, for safety precautions." Dex called out both Pid and Camo, the latter immediately disappearing into the space in front of them. Dex could barely notice the red stripe all Kecleon's have, and fails to hide during transformation.

    "I bet there's nothing out here, except a few Ghost-type Pokemon," Dex said, half to Rosie, and half to himself. There was a rustling in the bushes to the left of the pair. Pan looked at it curiously. "Here comes something."

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