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Sylvia Hanson

The confusing situation with Holly, who had just mumbled something about not knowing what she liked to due as the last few years had been a blur to her, became even more confusing upon the arrival of another girl who was quick to ignore scolding from Holly, who she clearly knew, and hobble over to Sylvia.

"My name's Kayla! You've met my cousin, huh? What do you think of her? What's your name?" Sylvia was in shock at not just the appearance of another person who seemed to actually hold interest in her but also at the sudden eruption of questions directed at her, it was actually quite overwhelming to Sylvia who was already way past her usual quota of daily social interaction.
"Uh... Hi. I have clearly met your cousin since we are both standing here talking to one another. I'm not sure what I think of her really, we have only just met. She seems nice enough so far although she seems to have social issues that are even worse than mine... no offence intended. My name is Sylvia. I didn't miss anything did I? And where did you come come from?"

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