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Kayla and Holly

Kayla smiled and put her arm around Holly's shoulder. "Of course she has social issues! Why do you think she was sent here? Her brother and sister wanted to make her learn how to make friends!" She giggled. Holly looked up at her cousin and frowned. She took Kayla's hand and put it against her cheek. "You seem a little warm," she whispered. "Are you okay?" Kayla smiled. "I'm fine!" She looked around. "But where are we?" she asked. Holly frowned some more. "We're outside your dorm," she whispered nervously. "Are you sure you're okay?" Kayla sighed. "You worry too much," she muttered, turning back to Sylvia. "I know that Holly might seem a little weird, but please try to be nice to her..." She looked at Holly's arm and sighed. Holly stared at Kayla's pale face and whimpered softly. She should be resting...


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