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    Dexter Patrick Prince || Dead Forest

    Rosie sent out her Wartortle and Seviper, probably the first few of her Pokemon that is really much capable. Her Wartortle started to approach the bushed but Rosie stopped her. ""Jazz don't do that, come back over here." Dex thought he saw something pop out of the bushes, but it was immediately gone. Rosie seemed to not notice it, so Dex thought it's just him. I'm seeing things. The rustling in the bushes stopped, though Dex could feel that there is still something in there. He stood tensed for a moment, until Camo started to pull on his jeans.

    "Kec! Kec!" The Pokemons said, pointing forward the direction they were walking in. Dex nodded, and resumed walking. The bushes rustled again, though it immediately stopped. Suddenly, a Golette popped out. It looked around for a moment until its gaze rested on the two trainers and their Pokemon. Suddenly, its eyes turned red and it came up, shambling, out the bushes. A group of Golette followed it, around six of them. It rushed towards the two trainers.

    "Oh, god. Pan, Leech Seed!" Dex ordered his Pokemon to attack. Pan jumped from his shoulder, and spit a seed that sprouted vines all over the place. It managed to hold the Pokemon for a little while, but they easily untangled themselves from the vines. Oh no. Dex ordered Pan to use Bullet Seed, and Pid to use Whirlwind, but the Pokemon simply ignored the attacks and moved towards them. Camo was nowhere to be seen. "Rosie! Let's go!" He took her hand, and started to run. "Come on, Pan! Pid! Camo!"

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