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    ~ Pokémon Zero & One ~
    made with Rpg Maker Xp

    Hello! I'm Mitja or Riansky which is my internet name. I've been developing games for about 3 years now. I was working on 2 games before but never managed to finish them and I was not eaven happy with them. However I've started to work on Pokemon Zero & One about 4 months ago and I've came pretty far with it and I'm hopping I will be able to finish it.

    Introduction To Story
    For years, scientists have been researching a strange DNA that fell from space and landed in the Armonih region. No one was capable of finding out where it came from and what it could do so a team of elite professors conducted experiments on the DNA, which eventually led to it evolving into some kind of creatue...a Pokemon. Pokemon awoke and started talking to the professors, calling them idiotic. The professors tried to capture it, which led the Pokemon going onto a rampage and destroying the city and everyone in it. Pokemon fled to a undefined location and up until now, it rested in peace. Rumors tell that it could be resting in a digital world which until now, was not discovered. An evil group of Pokemon Trainers eventually discovered the location and tried to conntact with mysterious Pokemon but it was not possible because Pokemon indeed lived in Digital world which is not meant to be visited by people. It was created by the mystery Pokemon and there is no portal to it...yet.

    Current starters!


    Name: Mark Benington
    Age: 16
    Hometown: Begonia Town

    Name: Kayla Pear
    Age: 15
    Hometown: Begonia Town

    You awaken on your birthday to a newscast about trainers going missing and all that's left behind is a strand of DNA. The professor of the town you live in calls you over and as a birthday present, gives you a starter Pokemon in order for you to start your journey. The professor asks if you can do something for him, to which you agree. He tasks you of investigating the missing trainers and report back as soon as something comes up. You journey across the region meeting new people and battling new foes, while also investigating the lost trainer case more and more when more trainers go missing. Finally, you reach a cross road and meet mysterious Pokemon for the first time, who aims to teleport you to the digital world, like it did with the rest of the trainers, but before it can, the legendary Pokemon comes in and saves you. The evil team soon becomes aware of this and marks you as their enemy. They somewho managed to create a teleportation stone which will lead you to Digital world. Now it's up to you to save missing trainers and stop evil team to catch the mysteryous Pokemon.

    ~ New forms of old Pokemon
    ~ A couple of new Pokemon
    ~ New digital themed region to explore
    ~ Abillity to go to Digital World
    ~ Nice new graphics in general
    ~ Much more


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