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Hm, for some reason my ROM crashes when I evolve my Mudkip and haven't unlocked the National Dex, even though I changed the bytes as listed in the OP. Has anyone else encountered this?

edit: For clarity, the evolution animation works perfectly, but then, after "Congratulations, your Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp!" appears and the red arrow is drawn on screen, the screen freezes and after a few seconds the game restarts. If I stop the evolution from happening midway then nothing freezes and it works as normal. This is FireRed of course and I'm using VBA.

edit 2: Hm, once I cancel the evolution and then level up Mudkip to 17, the evolution sequence works perfectly - this is true in two different maps. I'm testing a separate Hoenn Pokémon now.

edit 3: Weird, it only seems to apply to Mudkip. :/

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