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    Name: Jenna Way


    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Appearance: Height, Build, Ethnicity, Style, Hair and Eyes that sort of thing. You may include an image but a written description is mandatory.

    Jenna has shoulder length layered hair, which she like to dye a variety of colours. Her two favourites are a mix of yellow, orange and red so it almost looks like her hair is alight. And a more subtle silvery-bleach blond colour. She has also had blue before. She has hazel eyes, but will wear colour contacts, mostly orange and purple. She also wears eyeliner as sometimes light eyeshadow to match her current hair colour. She is ALWAYS wearing a band t-shirt, and NEVER will wear a skirt or dress. She also has a variety of 'So So Happy' hoodies (really cute little hoodies with dinosaur spikes and ears and EVERYTHING!) and has a pair of white converse which se has drawn on. She is averse hight for her age (not exactly sure what it is XP) and is fairly skinny, she has white skin and doesn't tan. She plans to get a star tattooed on her wrist so draws one on with gel pen everyday. She has green and black stripy headphones, which she wear almost always.
    (I may be slightly hyper while designing Jenna, so that's why she looks very extravagant...)

    Personality: Interests, quirks, character traits etc... You probably know the drill.
    Despite her very stand out looks. Jenna is shy, and socially awkward. She doesn't mind sitting alone listening to music and playing a video game or maybe reading a book. She takes a while to make friends, and because of how she looks people may get freaked out and avoid her. She also appears quite ignorant, but can be quite friendly. She will do a lot to help people, and without noticing may but others before herself. She does rubbish in school, she is a total daydreamer and easily distracted. She is either drumming in her desk, or doodling in her book, both has not made her popular with teachers. She doesn't do well in music despite being able to play guitar reasonable well and a decent singer as she doesn't like to explore other music genres and tend to stick to her style of music. She would like to learn to play drums some day. And as well as being a talented drawer, she is not good at drawing realistic things and will draw cartoon pictures, so she does not get good marks in art either. She has tried catch up classes but has not been able to improve marks.

    History: Try to include as much as you can; this and personality are both very important in this RP. Think of any major life events that have occurred to your character and how they have responded to them.
    Jenna has been bullied, mainly for being an individual. When she first started nursery school she got made fun off for colouring her hair with felt tips and getting up on tables singing Green Day. She was overly friendly, at first but after being mocked and rejected she gained her loner personality. She was also started to get bullied by her younger sister when she was 8 (her sister 7) her sister hated Jenna personality and didn't like it her friends kept on questioning about Jenna. Jenna was too afraid to talk. She was never close to her family members, her mum was uptight and wanted perfect children with perfect grades, and didn't like self expression. Her grandparents, posh and old fashioned. The only family member Jenna got on with was her dad, he introduced her to her music from a young age and encouraged her to be herself whoever that was. But when Jenna was 9 he had to move away. When Jenna was 12 she tried running away, it was after a large family party and all she got was abuse of how she looked (this was the first time she dyed her hair after secretly buying some (it was bright blue)) she even heard her nan say 'Its just vile, having a granddaughter like her. Thank goodness it's just family, how to explain how she looked to other people would be a nightmare' Jenna went home that evening and packed a large rucksack with her favourite things (CDs, iPod, clothes and money) and that night climbed out her window. Two nights later, a police officer found her wandering around late at night. And asked her what she was doing, and was dragged home. She then got referred to a child psychologist, but Jenna refused to talk. But she did manage to regain contact with her dad and she became a more positive person. She sees a councillor.

    Other: She like panda and koalas. She wants a pet panda.

    RP Sample: There are two different ways of doing this. You can include a sample from another RP you have participated in (include a link) or you can write a sample as your character discovering they will be attending the Wings program or signing-up themselves. It is preferred that you take the second route, but if posts from other RPs are up to scratch no priority will be given.

    "Jenna get here!" Jenna mum called up the stairs. Jenna didn't here, her music turned completely. She danced around to Mama by my chemical romance. Shouting out her favourite line 'Mama we all go to hell' "JENNA GET DOWN HERE!" Her mum called again. Still no reply. "Daisy get Jenna please" she asked Jenna sister.
    "Fine" Daisy said reluctantly going up stairs. She went into Jenna rooms and yanked of her headphones. "Mum wants you, so stop listening to your Emo music and go down stairs" Daisy said and quickly left.
    'What now?' Jenna thought 'Maybe he found the ear stretching kit' she considered. She crept down the stairs. And went to the living room where her mum sat holding a letter. 'Oh no, it's more catch up classes isn't it'
    "Well Jenna, I got this letter for your councillor. She has singed you up for a summer program called Wings at the school. She said it should help your social skills. I would much rather you get catch up classes at school, but she insists you should go" Jenna's mum said, secretly looking for a sense of recognition in Jenna's eyes. As she only thought it was a plan to get out of catch up classes.
    "Oh..." Jenna said trying to process the information. She wasn't told, and the first thing she thought of was being forced to talk to people. At lest in catch up classes she could just listen to music. "Can I go?" She asked anyway.
    "Well I guess I should, I will send the forms away tommorow"
    "Can I go back upstairs now?" Jenna asked
    "Fine, go" Jenna rushed back upstairs and out her music on full volume. 'What the heck have I got myself into?' She thought

    Sorry it's rubbish. And I will post some drawing of Jenna and stuff when I can. Possibly Wednesday or next weekend when I have time yeah and sorry if Jenna story line if all kind of sad and that. But I couldn't think of much sorry.

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