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Liam Conor Crawford

Small subtle waves gently rocked the boat as a new student called Conor sat up on the deck with his Poliwag. The crisp ocean breeze had ruffled his already messy red hair, although it bothered him little. Conor looked at his Poliwag which was lying beside him sleeping. “I think you have the right idea buddy” Conor said to his Poliwag smiling. Not knowing how far they were from the academy, Conor closed his eyes and dosed off.

After a while Conor was awoken by the screeches from the speakers on the boat. “Welcome everyone to Pokémon Trainer Academy”. Conor jumped up and started rubbing his eyes but quickly stopped as he was memorized by the scale of the island and in a slight bit of disbelief that he was actually here. Conor quickly shook his Poliwag awake “Come on Poli were here”. Poliwag jumped up onto Conor’s shoulder and they looked onwards towards the port where the ship would dock.

The boat slowly grinded to a halt at the port. When the boat finally stopped the captain announced that it was now safe to leave the boat and wished everyone luck on their journeys. Upon hearing this Conor and Poliwag walked of the boat and set foot onto the dock, the aroma of the forest, sea and grassland areas filled the air.

Conor walked not too far from the dock and checked the sheet of paper he received with his package. “So it says here we are in the Raikou dorm, No surprise there” Conor chuckled. So he and his Poliwag set off heading towards the Raikou dorm.

Upon arrival at the Raikou dorm, Conor couldn’t see anyone around. He decided to head into the reception area of the dormitory to seek some assistance. Upon arriving there he didn’t see anyone around either. "Huh pretty strange Poli don’t you think?. Maybe they have class now?” Conor said to his Poliwag with a puzzled look on his face. Unsure what to do Conor found a seat in the reception and sat down. Poliwag jumped off his shoulder and sat on the seat next to him. "Poli!" The Poliwag said looking up and smiling at Conor. “What do we do now?” Conor sighed.
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