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    Rosalyn Smith

    Rosalyn sighed, she was really psyching herself out. Talking about all the things she'd heard about this place had made her really paranoid. It seemed to be doing the same to Dex. Looking over to her right as she thought she saw something but there wasn't anything there. Though she was distracted and wasn't paying attention to anything around her, that is until Dex grabbed her hand causing an embarrassed blush to form on her face before she realized what was going on.

    A group of seven Golette were after them. "where did they come from!" she cried out nearly stumbling as she tried to meet Dex's pace and to make sure her three Pokemon that were out were keeping up. "If we get far enough away, Silver could get us out of this" she felt her grip loosen on Dex's hand before she tripped over a tree root and lost her grip on it completely. Oh my... she thought scrambling to her feet wincing slightly. Great just great. I already have gotten a broken wrist which has luckily healed. Now my ankle hurts

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