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    Hello! I am the bug-obsessed-competative-batlling-gaming-musical guy who has a not so great of a background history with gravity. You can call me Twitch for short (yes i messed up my own username ) I have this passion for music that few have, I enjoy it so much that I write and arrange things. I am not the best at all yet and I have plenty of work to do before I can create quality compositions. One thing I am good at however is Pokemon and I've wanted to get in touch with the community more so I thought this was a good place to start since I can connect to other fans of this amazing franchise. I have come up with my own challenge that is very addicting and fun to do. I will post that in another thread sometime soon. It is not like the Nuzlocke challenge in many ways other than the fact that it is a challenge . I plan to collaborate as much as I can, so if anyone wants to work with me on anything, you can message me .