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    Hiding in the shrubbery of the overgrown flora, a bead of sweat trickled down the side of Ezras face. Blunderbuss in hand, the seventeen year old took aim.


    Resting birds took flight, startled by the gunshot. The panther that had been stalking the boy howled and dashed for cover as a loud bang echoed through the area. But it wasn’t Ezras gun that had been fired.

    Strapping his firearm to his back, Ezra stood and dusted off what small debris that had collected on his clothing while he hid in the growth. He adjusted the plentiful amount of rings that were stacked on his fingers, all which were purchased just before his expedition. The panther was nowhere to be found. In fact, almost no wildlife was to be found in the area. That gunshot must have scared them all away… Although he was unsure which way the sound had actually came from, he headed out in the opposite way of New Bodhum, searching for nothing in particular.

    While the smaller monsters were nowhere to be seen, larger game such as Behemoths and Wyverns were lightly sprinkled across the landscape. Ezra hastened his pace around the massive beasts, making sure to keep his distance. But once they were out of sight, he would slow down, inhale the scent of the wild and take his time enjoying his little adventure. He would grasp on the trunks of trees, pluck and feel the texture of a single leaf every few steps or so, and gaze into the beauty of the wilderness as he trekked onwards.

    It wasn’t soon before long that the boy reached Oerba. Fear and anxiety began to fill Ezras body and every so often a finger or two of his would twitch. He took deep breaths, trying his best to hold his composure. He was so far away from safety, but so close to exploring what had been left rot. Curiosity took total control of his body and began to march him straight into the ruins.

    Rust covered many of the buildings and snow-like substance faintly glittered the air. Ezra was in awe. He had never seen anything like Oerba before. The boy chuckled out loud and held his arms out, a smile spread wide across his face. Unfortunately, his happiness was quickly stifled when he took notice of two armed men chatting in the ruins. He hid behind a building, unsure of how to proceed.
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