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    Aurora sighed brushing her blonde hair out of her eyes, in front of her was the ruins of Oerba. Rust covered buildings, and a snow-like substance covered everything and glittered in the air. Looking down from were she was standing she had to admit it was a pretty sight. One she'd like to see again. "No time for that. If the Shadow's here...I have to find them." she put her weapons away and grabbed her Grav-Con flipping off the edge of the cliff a purple glow surrounding her before she gently landed on the ground. Time to see if The Shadow was meddling here she nodded to herself fixing her hair yet again and the black skirt that covered her right leg.

    Looking around she didn't notice anything at first and pulled out her com unit. "Just arrived Leader, though I don't see anything yet."

    "Look around for a bit Aurora"

    "I will si..."
    she cut herself off at the sound of gunshots. "Someone's here, I'll com back when I find out what it is, Aurora Out" she put her com unit away and made her way through the ruins spotting a very tall and bulk black haired man talking to a shorter man also with black hair. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw a young man with brown hair hide behind a building. They better not be part of The Shadow Aurora frowned and stepped forward opening her mouth to call out to them when the ground started to shake, though before she could look to see the cause a blue light surrounded her and the other three that were there, though she noticed two more lights go off in different directions before she felt a searing pain and dropped to the ground unconscious.

    (For this Event all characters go through the same thing, the light, pain, then loss of consciousness. In your posts you may include waking up. Aurora will wake once you guys do)

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