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    I apologize for this late reply, I've been very pre-occupied with urgent matters.
    To all those who had problems downloading, links are fixed. The website has a hosted download.

    I'd like to thank followers of this game for their continued interest and much-needed support. The quality of this project would certainly have suffered if I had never asked anyone's opinion.

    Ok, now I just want to mention that I've started planning Pallet Town out as it appears in the Anime. I was always going to re-plan it because my 1st draft of Pallet was inspired by the game's layout of the town (a sea-side cluster of houses). I realized when I'd finished Viridian that I hadn't reflected the Anime at all in Pallet Town..
    From what I've seen in the Anime, Pallet town is a hilly area surrounded by forest with lots of crop-patches and a few scattered trees. There is a dirt road that leads past Ash's House to Oak's Lab, in the opposite direction is a forest entrance to the Nursery.

    If anyone knows episodes of Indigo League which feature Pallet Town or Ash's House (inside or rear/left corner) which are not listed here then please post:
    • #1 Pokemon I Choose You
    • #67 Showdown At The Poke-Corral
    • #70 Make Room For Gloom
    • #274 Gotta Catch Ya Later
    Thanks to Abhishek Technology:
    • #66 The Evolution Solution
    • #71 To Master the Onixpected!

    Something that will change is the game intro, firstly it will start at the beginning of the episode (the night before Ash picks a Pokemon) and I'm removing the timed bridge-run.. Some people may have found it hard or annoying to get the intro they wanted.. Something the night before getting a pokemon will affect which intro you get.
    alarm clock
    I prefer this method, but other suggestions are welcome :)

    Well I mentioned before that I'm re-designing Pallet Town, so I thought I'd share an image of my 1st-draft version. I apologize that entry was denied into this area in the demo version, it was tied into the bridge-run and there was nothing really down there to do. I promise to make use of the town a little more in the next demo. As mentioned, here is the rest of Pallet Town which you can not see in the demo:
    Link Here - It was a really large image so I didn't post a previw

    Some final words, I have strong feelings towards making another Action-Battle-System now that I've completed the movement aspect of the following system. This will require some more modification of the following party-order (atm, Ash is followed by humans (if present) and then pokemon).. It will be structured so that Ash's 6 pokemon will be in a 3x2 formation behind him, then humans (Misty/Brock) with their pokemon following them.
    Some details might change as I'm still thinking about how the ABS will function.. Considering changing Ash's following pokemon limit to 2-3 as not to overpower/overwhelm the player with 6 pokemon attacking at once.
    If you have any thoughts on the battle system, let me know. For all I know you might just want the standard pokemon battle system and for me to just hurry up and be done with game mechanics..
    I'll also just quickly mention that I'm nearly done with my gfx changes to Ash's House (surprise) and some video will be uploaded soon to showcase the movement system, following system and a tour of Ash's Home.

    If you believe in this project, then be part of it. I personally do read every comment posted here and take into deep consideration what everyone says. Many people have already influenced this game and I have great respect for their opinion.

    Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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