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Honestly, not at all. It only makes sense for Red to be a powerful trainer with high levelled Pokemon- think about it, he was once the Kanto Champion himself. Do you really think a champion would possess a whole team filled with Magikarps, Caterpies and Bidoofs to the brim all at Level Five? As a champion of a region, you'd have to fight your way through hundreds or even thousands of trainers to make it to the top of the game. And you'd need some strong Pokemon to do that.

Add to that, three years of training on Mt. Silver. According to professors and NPCs, Mt. Silver has the toughest wild Pokemon in the game. For three years, you'd be training in and out most of the time honestly. Yes there might be a bit of exploring but the original reason Red went to Mt. Silver was to train. And after all of those years of training and fighting his way to the top, it'd probably only make sense that he would own some tough and high levelled Pokemon. So no, I don't think Red is overpowered at all. Plus, the last trainer of a game should be a huge challenge rather than an easy breeze.
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