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    Hi guys
    so this is my first time posting in this forum, and i would like some constructive criticism on this story idea I have. It will be a hack of FireRed
    My idea: So you guys remember the Nugget Bridge in FireRed right? Where the rocket grunt asks you if you want to join Team Rocket? What if you actually did join Team Rocket? That's basically my idea. My vision is that the storyline will differ based on your choice. If you say no, the storyline will progress as normal. If you say yes, you will be recruited as a team rocket member and work for Giovanni. I'm also thinking about having the story differ depending on where you get stationed as well. If you're stationed at Saffron city, you help stop the rival from beating up rocket grunts. If you're stationed at the sevii islands, you help steal the ruby and sapphire (and help with the forced evolution thing; if you guys remember, there was a reference to that in the rocket base in the sevii islands). How does this sound? I appreciate your opinions.