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I'm gonna update already.

Update #1
Ultimate Monotype Challenge - Normal

Pokemon LeafGreen
  • started my adventure
  • chose Squirtle as starter and won against my rival(Pink is his name)
  • got my Pokedex after doing the necessary things
  • caught a Rattata at route 1 and named her Rater
  • caught a Spearow(if i'm not mistaken, i can use this since Spearow is a Normal/Flying type) at route 22 and named him Spare
  • defeated Pink at route 22
  • battled brock(at pewter city gym obviously) and finished it off with a devastating hyper fang
  • caught a clefairy(named it Treble) and a shiny zubat(so unlucky. but yeah, gotta use him as an HM slave), evolved Rater, and got the dome fossil at mt moon
  • defeated Pink and Misty at Cerulean City

My Current Team
Rater(Raticate lvl21)
Spare(Spearow lvl19)
Treble(Clefairy lvl19)

okay that's all. maybe i'll include some pictures and be more detailed on my next update