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    Dexter Patrick Prince || Dead Forest

    Dex felt Rosie loosen her grip from his hand. It was the impulse of the moment, him grabbing Rosie's hand just to escape the onslaught of the incoming Golett. Rosie, however, was caught surprised by the sudden barrage and tripped over on a tree root. Oh no!"Pid! To Rosie!" The Bird Pokemon flew from Dex and towards Rosie. Dex did not stop running. "Pan! Leech Seed, or Seed Bomb! Attract their attention!" Pan started spitting out seeds. The Golett continued to follow Dex. "Rosie! Stay here! Pid is with you! I'll come back later! I promise!" Dex shouted to Rosie, who was just scrambling up. He then added as an afterthought, "Be safe!" Pan and his trainer continued to run deeper into the forest. The air in front of them shimmered, and Camo appeared, more out of breath than Dex. "Camo! Psybeam!" Camo stopped and let Dex advance. It sent out a pink beam towards the Golett. It did not stop the Pokemon. Instead, it just seemed to infuriate it more, as they sped up. Uh-oh.

    "Pan! Leech Seed!" Pan spit out a seed which luckily landed on one of the Golett. The Automaton Pokemon fell down, its eyes yellow once more. One of its comrades stopped, but the other five continued to run towards. Pan leaped to a tree, and spit out another Leech Seed. This time, the vines managed to entangle three Golett completely. "Camo! Thief!" Kecleon disappeared for a moment, and appeared behind the Golett. It struck with black claws, and managed to faint another one. Pan just continued firing seeds. One Golett tried to do a Shadow Punch against Kecleon, but the Pokemon easily dodged it. With another Thief attack, the last of the Golett went down.

    Dex sat down on the hard ground in exhaustion. Pan approached him and sat down near him, obviously and equally exhausted. Camo, however, were trying to do something. Suddenly, its shadows moved outwards, scaring the Pokemon. "Cool. Shadow Sneak!" Dex recalled Camo back, glad that, at least, his Pokemon grew. Dex started to close his eyes to rest, when a rustling in the bushes jolted him awake. A small, and reptilian, Pokemon scrambled out. It was covered with various wounds, and it was emitting electricity constantly.

    "What is-?" Dex started to ask, when a Haunter and a Gastly cam up, following the Pokemon. They silently drifted across the bushes, as if it was not there. The Pokemon used a weak electric attack that did nothing. It fell down. The two Ghost Pokemon ganged up on him. They started using Hypnosis and Night Shade against the Pokemon. "Hey." Dex weakly said, sitting up. "That's not right! Pan, go!" Pan leaped into action.

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