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Originally Posted by .Aero View Post
Let me preface this post with some thoughts:

1) I did not want to respond.
2) If I don't respond, you guys will think you've won.
3) You guys have won anyway because you're making me do something I don't want to.
First off, why is this about winning or losing? You're looking at this the wrong way. :\ I strongly disagree with you, and that's really just about it. I'm defending my points, and you're defending yours. That's really all there is to it.

I don't see how me having one alt is relevant in the slightest. Not to mention you saying I'm complaining just to complain bothers me a whole lot. I do not enjoy playing this game you guys have made of these alts. I feel like every time I come on the server there's someone who I think is a new member, then I notice they're chatting up a storm and I realize "hey, this is somebody's alt." I'm then required to either check the thread (which I will get to later), or ask the person directly. Every day. It's ridiculous.
What game? You say it's a game, but I personally never notice it?? oO;; I don't understand, nor do I see this happening on a daily basis. Maybe I'm just oblivious to it. Who knows.

Suggesting team building was just that. A suggestion. You don't have to go build a team if you don't want to. I'm also not directly targeting you. Some users like to pretend they enjoy battling but when put into the situation where they actually have to do something, like battle, they back out but have no problem discussing unintelligible ******** on the server.
This is kind of not really addressing the issue at hand (nor does it have anything to do with it), but I suppose?

I said some users agree with me. You not having heard of it must have been a coincidence because not only do I bring it up a lot, but a couple other members have been vocal about it in the chat as well. Not as serious as I have become now. You stating I don't bring it up is also bothersome because I've reached my tipping point and here I am, asking wolf and nica to do something about it. That...that argument from you I just don't get.
Nope. Other mods may have been around, and they might have seen it (and if they have, they're free to tell me about it since I did miss some things here and there on the server despite being around a lot), but I personally have never really seen it. o_O Eh. Could be just me, though.

You may believe the only issue with alts is keeping track of who is staff and who isn't. I find it tiresome and repetitive to constantly have to ask people who the hell they are. It's irritating. And you're acting like I'm speaking about staff only. I'm not. I'm talking about everyone. Sure, the limited amount of staff members helps narrow it down on who's who in the staff, but what about regular members? That doesn't help at all.
Read my last point on my last post.

That's really the only way I can see it going about happening with staff members. Regular users? Forget it, there's just way too many of them to even think about imposing alternate account limitations.

Yes, I want this for my own benefit, but I also want it for a group benefit as well as efficiency and less of a mess. Elf was looking for battles the other day with specific people but didn't know who anyone was for two reasons: 1) He wasn't aware of the alt thread. 2) That person was going by a name even I didn't recognize so I couldn't help him out. If alts weren't so abundant it wouldn't have been an issue. There's nothing wrong with expressing yourself through your name. Absolutely nothing wrong. The thing I can't understand is why we need 10+ alts to express ourselves. Sure, the limit could be 5 for all I care. I just don't want someone changing it on a daily basis, because of what I will get into on the next part.

This thread. This thread is not useful. People will make alts daily and not post them to the thread. Why? Because they don't plan on keeping the alt longer than that single day. There have been multiple occasions weeks ago where I would go to the thread in order to figure out who someone was only to find that alt not there. If the thread's purpose is to help me do just that, figure out who someone is, why is it failing in its purpose? Because of repeated attempts to use that thread and it failing, I stopped bothering.
You bring up a point. Yes, there has been some neglect on user's parts to update the thread, and yes, the thread kind of failed it's purpose. So that's why I proposed what I did in my last post.

So you're telling me having to ask someone anytime they make an alt who they are is more efficient than just knowing? I'd like to know your definition of efficient. We can have fun with discussions. Not to mention I've noticed the discussions revolve around very few topics. One of which is alts and colors. This topic shows up multiple times a week and is not in any way "fun" or interesting and doesn't promote actual discussion, because if you watch these topics go down, people ignore each other because they're so focused on obtaining the right name / color. If your argument is that the server is meant to be more social than a battling server (which I agree with completely), I see no socializing happening when this chat erupts.
You seem to be forgetting that a "bad" chat to you is a "good" chat to others. Regardless, that has nothing to do with the issue at hand, and even then, it would be too subjective to do anything about it without one side throwing up fists at the other.

Underlying problem stated above. No discussion as a result of the alt / color obsession. You've had no problem identifying who's who. I do. Maybe I'm not as apt at it though. You've gotta account for members like myself who can't just tell who someone is by the way they type. I can only do that with four members because they are extremely distinct:

1) Elf: bean, lol laugh at my own jokes
2) Anti: history rants / basketball
3) Lala: talks like an old man farmer
4) Syndrome: Is always cynical
And that's because you know them on a personal level. With others, it seems to me that you don't know them as much on a deeper level, and because of that, you tend to lose track of who's who. Correct me if I'm wrong though, but that's how I see it. o.o;

You you you. You can do that. I cannot. It's not because I don't know you guys. I've talked to Fritz on multiple occasions one on one, especially during my insomnia days a few months back. I know Jake like a brother, so much so we've considered ourselves twins for years and I consider him my best friend that I've ever made on the internet, but if you notice I did not list him in the 4 people I can tell apart by the way they type. Like I said, I must just not be good at thing and you have to account for people like me.
For me, I see it like this:

Jake: uses "c:" fairly frequently. The bluntest mod on the server. Straightforward in his manner of speaking.

And yes, I'm using "me" specifically because I'm speaking for myself. That's really all there is to it. If any other mod wants to bring up points, then they're free to, but I'm only speaking from my perspective about it.

You're acting like I'm calling you out specifically. Your entire post was that way and I'm going to address it now. I am not targeting you specifically, Derk. Maybe it's because your alt changes just now threw me over the top, but stop thinking that way. You are not the target of this rule so don't act like it. There are many members who use too many alts to handle. Also i'm not trying to out rule alts and you're acting like I am. I'm saying put a cap on it. It could be 5 for all I care, I just don't want to see people changing their names daily and I can't keep up because they don't post it in the thread or only decide to have it for a day and ditch it.
As I said in my previous post, putting caps wouldn't solve anything. In fact, I think it'd just make it worse in the long run. Just slightly, though.

I know you've stated that you're not going to reply, but honestly, I feel that you could've taken this a lot better than you did. .__. Throwing a fit about it is no way to get things done. That's just me though. In any case, I apologize for the multiple alts becoming so upsetting. It is just very difficult to implement rules on the server without people erupting about it, so that's why I kind of prefer it how it is.
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