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I agree with Aero.

99% of the time I don't alt check, simply because 1) I'm lazy, but 2) because it's also so I can relate more to those that are confused and don't know. I find myself constantly asking who everyone is, and for months people like Gerokunz came to the server and I was like "who?" even though they were there everyday but I couldn't tell because they constantly change their names. I don't even know who's a regular at the server anymore, and who isn't. If we did remove name changes, would it really stop anyone from going to the server? PC has removed name changes, and last I checked, nobody has actually left PC over no name changes. I mean, Smogon doesn't allow name changes (...for the most part), and nor does Serebii (iirc?), and people haven't left them over that, either. If we disallowed name changes, where you kept a name for a month, would it make anyone want to quit? If we removed the pretty colours would it make a difference? If everyone was black, like on IRC, would it stop you from coming? (Because on other IRC channels this isn't the case, not specifically PC's channels, but still, the same applies). Yes, you can change names, but does that mean you have to? I know everyone loves name changes, but I think registering a new alt everyday is somewhat crazy. Right now on the server, I have no clue who Ghetsis, 2manyalts, Priyanshu, Rizona and AlTzRcOnFuZiNg are. I only know Derk's alt because he asked me to promote it, and I know Pachy's simply because he appeared as that. I know Hikari's because she likes Oshawott. Everyone else, no clue. I couldn't even tell who Vapor was for a while, and I think something has to be done about this for everyone. When checking again I have no clue who Sage Lute and Da Names is. And that's within two minutes of checking. What's in a name? Do you change your real life name to suit you (no)? When users (and I have complained about this before, so it's not just Aero) legitimately have a problem with this, I think something should actually be done because otherwise people are just confused and when people are threatening to leave because they can't tell who anyone is, I don't think that's really fair.

Therefore, I have a propostion, those in the camp of "don't remove the ability to change alts" - how about you stick to one alt a week (at MINIMUM)? I'm sure Wolf could code it to disallow the usage of changing alts, or we could just namelock anyone, but we don't. We allow you guys to change. You should only use the alt thread once a week or month, really. I don't even know who the auth are most of the time and I'm on auth myself.

So tl;dr my suggestion: One alt a week, you must post in the thread (wolf and I can PM all the server regulars to let them know to post in the thread since I'm 99% sure barely anyone knows of it) when you change, and one post per person. Instead of being in a list format, people just ctrl+f a username, and whoever posted it is the person who owned it. So say, like,

[Avatar] Forever

Week 1: skylight / iSkylight
Week 2: Resolute Keldeo
Week 3: NUNicorn Nica

^ Like that. Just list your own alts in your post rather than the list format, and it can list when you started using the username (which means you can use any of the previous usernames, but it just lists when you started, to make sure to keep to the "week" format - given the amount of auth, promoting an alt a week for people isn't really that much compared to people randomly asking to do it whenever, and it can allow someone to get to know others better). Once a week name change surely isn't too much to ask given that you haven't changed your PC usernames for four years :/ Nor have many of you changed your real life names more than once in your life. Basically the rule would be to change your name you have to edit your post in the thread otherwise you'd get asked to change your name back to one of the older ones as to not confuse anyone. It's strict but people change alts like candy, and when it becomes confusing to users and deters them, something should really occur.

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