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when we used Shoddy and people mainly used their PC usernames, it was not only a.) easier to identify who was who, b.)the fact that everyone knew each other meant it was more of a community. The argument of "you should know who is who" is quite frankly a weak one, it's the internet not irl and people can be mistaken, there are alot of cynical people for example, mistakes can and have been made.
What you have to realize is that this isn't the old shoddy by any means (no offense!! I couldn't word it any other way), and this is an entirely different community that we have. With that being said, I believe that we have to be very careful about any rules that we implement since people tend to not be very satisfied when anything is really changed, and therefore as a result, things just have to be left the way they are.

While limiting the amount of alts seems harsh, in retrospect it's not really that bad. Name changes were stopped on PC ages ago iirc and no one is complaining anymore. Just be honest, do you really need 26 accounts of your favorite celebrities?
I don't see why people are bringing up the name changes argument. I already brought up previously that PC has no limit on alts iirc, so the same should be reflected on the server. If anything, just limit it to once a month and you're good.

I think 3 is a fair number, it lets you have a fair selection of names/colours without completely confusing everyone. Although to be fair this has been blown out of proportion.
Our userbase just wont fly with that. Too many regulars, therefore such a restrictive limit just won't do, and I wouldn't want to risk deeply upsetting a lot of our userbase because of it. That's what I think, anyway.

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