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I laughed, "I'm not one for imagination friend, a stray thought could scare you out of the hunt!" I couldn't get rid of the feeling there were more here, because I was sure that gunshot would've attracted bystanders. "Well I'm not one to fear any type of dead, as a matter of fact, it should be easier to kill them in that fashion." Suddenly the ground began shaking. Some kind of earthquake? I thought to myself.

There was pain, all over my body. It wasn't like anything I had felt before, and I struggled not to scream. All I could remember before the pain was a light...

I awoke very sore, I must not have been out long, I had been knocked out before. "They always said never sleep through your birthday." I mumbled. I feared I may have been robbed, so I checked everything. I found that all of my belongings were in order and wondered what happened.

After a quick glance, I could see that the large fellow and a female were also victims. She was as armed as I was, though she didn't look like a hunter. A guardian corps member?. Asked myself, though shook it off, they usually worked in the civilian areas. I sighed, and wondered what else could go wrong.

Suddenly the ground began shaking again, though not like before. This one I knew, an a roar confirmed it. Charging toward our direction was a King Behemoth, probably attracted by the gunshot and smell of free prey. Everybody lay unconscious and I knew I couldn't just leave them, so I unfolded my blade and got ready to fight. I shot twice at its massive head, doing little damage but changings it's target. "Over here you big bastard." I yelled, firing two more shots.

Luckily I was a bit faster than the monster, and could easily dodge its attacks. Since this was my second fight, I knew what to expect, and drove his attention away from the others. I could see that if I didn't start fighting back, he would become bored and attack the others. I decided I could fight until at least one woke up and ran away. "You are the best birthday present I've gotten today beast, you've given me a second chance!" It roared and charged at me, I roared and charged at him. Somehow I felt stronger, more empowered than before, and when I went to block his slash at me, I turned golden and felt very little pain. "Interesting." I said, then began attacking. I knew I wouldn't be able to kill it, so I played a defensive game, attacking and defending.
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