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Question: Will my previous runs be on the list soon?

New Sign-Up!
Username: Meri
Game: Emerald
Era: Progressive Era

part 1

Picked up Mudkip as my starter,
and named him Bram (by now for obvious reason lol)
Beat Brendan and got the Pokéballs.
Caught Zigzagoon! I named her Zooky.
Helped Wally catch his Ralts.
Caught Shroomish and named him Buzz.
Kicked the stupid Grunt's ass.
Arrived at Rustboro City and got Cut.
Taught it to Zooky.
Zooky has happily been picking up items btw.
That will help with the Eliminate Corruption Part
Sold 1 Potion and bought 11 Super Potions!
Roxanne went down easily, obviously...
Time to kick the Grunt's ass again.
He's a slow learner I suppose.
Arrived at Dewford and delivered the Letter.
Went back to Rustboro to get the Exp.Share.
Bram and Zooky both evolved!
Did some more grinding for the Dewford Gym.
Saved in the Dewford Pokémon Center.

Stone Badge

Marshtomp lvl 20, Modest / Torrent
Linoon lvl 20, Rash / Pick-Up
Shroomish lvl 20, Naive / Effect Spore
Originally Posted by Hinokage
Dude, no. I'm over 1000 eggs in and I'm not giving up. We're...not giving up. We're way too deep in at this point and we deserve our shiny. This has been a message from your local Masuda Method Breeding support group.
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