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    Dear anonymous,
    You are really lucky. Really freaking lucky. There were so many times I could have spilled your secret, but didn't. I haven't even told my best friend! And what, now you've become consumed by it, just like everyone says will eventually happen to me. Well I've seen firsthand what that can do, and I will not let it happen to me. It's really become annoying, it's all you talk about. You can't even tell me why you like feeling like that, why you like your life being consumed by one person who, to be frank, is a big jerk to you. Maybe it's just cuz I can't relate to that feeling, but honestly, it's getting kind of irritating. It's not really my place to say any of this, but I dunno, maybe you'll open your eyes? Oh well, no hard feelings, and I hope we can still be friends, no matter what "she" does.
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