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Originally Posted by JP View Post
I would absolutely hate for them to sound like the anime version, just saying their names out loud. It's one of the things that bothers me the most about the show. Either give their cries a bit of an update or make new ones, but please, please no saying-their-names cries.
Agree 100%. The games set the standard that Pokémon have cries, but the Anime changed it and made them say their names. I'd much prefer having traditional cries (Just higher quality of course, with all the instrument sets the 3DS can pull off) than having all the past Pokémon updated to saying their names. Doesn't make sense for the games to match the anime when the anime pulls from the games =P

Originally Posted by Mithel_Celestia View Post
Ok, so recently, Gogoat has been heard for the first time and it's seems to sound like an actual goat. What more do you expect with the other three and the starters plus Xerneas and Yveltal, if the one heard in the first trailer wasn't Yveltal's actual cry?
I don't really have any expectations for them honestly. As long as they're actual cries I'll be happy. I mean, I guess I could see Yveltal's kind of being darker (if it ends up being a Dark type), but other than that I don't really care that much =P Cries aren't a game changer for me.
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