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    Freeze city

    April noticed that the boy was quite suprised when he found out that she was a wolf and that she was actually a girl. She also noticed that the boy blushed as she looked inside her shirt and tried to make her stop, April eventually stopped and watched as the boy stood up. The boy went off after saying that she didn't had to expect anything from him. The boy later came back and started to build a small fire pit. April was suprised that he hadn't tried to kill her yet and even offered her place to stay for the night. Maybe April had judged too fast about this human and perhaps she could've been atleast a little bit nicer.

    "uhm..." April didn't really know how to apologize and nervously played with her white hair. At the end she gave up and sighed, relaxing a bit and coming a little bit closer to the fire. "... I'm sorry for my reaction, i'm just not used to humans that don't try to kill me." April said, not facing the boy. "Are you even human...?" April came way too close to the boy and tried to inhale his scent, sniffing his face, his clothes and even his hands. "Nope, you're definitely human." She concluded as she sat back on the ground near the fire. "Since I don't have any money at the moment, I guess i'll stay here for the night..." April glanced up at the boy and started to wonder what kind of name this human had.

    "My name is April, what is yours?" She asked a little curious. It had been awhile since a human didn't try to kill her after knowing what kind of beast she was.