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I only skimmed over this; I don't really feel like reading all of what has been said. First off, appealing should be done privately, but posting here is useful for getting other opinions. However, you don't really seem interested in that, Aero, so I'm not sure why you posted here.

Anyway, I do agree that the alts are getting out of hand, but I'm a bit iffy on enforcing disciplinary action to limit people from making too many alts.

Originally Posted by Forever View Post
I'm sure Wolf could code it to disallow the usage of changing alts, or we could just namelock anyone, but we don't.
I have no clue how to do the former, and namelock has been removed from the default server scripts. To prevent people from making too many alts, we would have to keep a database of alts and constantly alt check accounts to see if they made any new alts. It would make the situation more inconvenient for the staff, and just seems like it wouldn't be worth it. However, I do have a solution to this, and that is giving alt check to voiced users. (And it's funny because I asked Steve to implement that before this whole ordeal even started. I'm one step ahead of you guys!) While PS' alt check is a bit unreliable due to it being browser-based, it's better than nothing. Additionally, it would provide an incentive for being voiced.
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