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    Jericho Godbane
    Ruins of Oerba: King Behemoth I

    Daniel laughed. "Well I'm not one to fear any type of dead, as a matter of fact, it should be easier to kill them in that fashion." Before Jericho could even react, the ground beneath them shook. Small cracks appeared on the ruin floors, and some houses started to tilt because of the shaking. Rocks started to tumble around. Suddenly, a bright light erupted underneath both him and Jericho. Daniel crumpled easily, twitching with pain. The giant managed to look around before he too succumbed to the intense pain that took over his body. He saw two other lights that erupted nearby, and two more from far away. He thought he could see a woman approaching them, but he was not sure. He fell unconscious.


    Next thing Jericho Godbane knew, a huge roar woke him up. Or, rather, it jolted him awake. He opened one eye and saw a huge King Behemoth before them. Daniel unfolded his gun blade and rushed towards the monster. He yelled something, then fired two shots. Jericho decided to stand up and join the fight. He was still weak in his knees, but he managed. He saw the woman from earlier lying slumped in the ground. Uh-oh, Miss. You don't go lying here. Jericho grabbed the woman in a fireman's carry, and placed her behind a nearby stone. He then unslung Grimaxe.

    "Daniel! Need a hand?" Jericho shouted, his whole body bristling with the anticipation of a fight. He rushed towards the King Behemoth from behind and executed a powerful downward slash. It was stronger than he expected, and he nearly lost balance. He twisted the axe, and gave an upper slash. "Hurrah!" Jericho gave a huge battle cry.

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