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    Lol...Team Fungi...
    Anyways my team:
    Name: Team Amarth or Team Doom if translated...sort of.

    Motives: Conquering the world.

    Motto: "Destiny is not a direction of life. It is a means of death."

    Types of Pokemon used: Dark, Ghost and Fire types

    What they look like: Dark robes with an eye in front when in their HQ. In public they wear dark clothing and a dark cowboy like hat with the eye in front. They never actually take their hats off as they intend to remain mysterious when confronted by others.

    Inspiration: They are more or less inspired by necromancers from the middle ages and earlier, the robed appearance comes from the Ringwraiths/Nazgul in LOTR and the public appearance is sort of inspired by The Undertaker from WWE. Got the name from death metal band Amon Amarth, meaning Mount Doom. Amarth is elvish and means Doom, so it comes from Tolkien's works. Their motives is not inspired by anything or anyone, i found that out myself.

    And there you go ;D
    It does not matter how strong or smart one is.
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    Destiny isn't a direction of life. It is a means of death.