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I guess I'll pipe in since I kind of got name dropped a few times =P

I can see both points of the argument, but honestly I kind of have to agree with Aero. I'm all for people wanting to express themselves, but it's ridiculous that half the time I log on the server (even before I've been less active lately because of work, so let's not bring up that argument please), I don't recognize half the users names. If someone says hi to me, half the time I'm like, "Hi person who knows me but I have no idea who you are!" They point out who they are, and I'm like ohhhh, and then people sometimes respond, "How did you NOT know that?!?" If it's a brand new alt I've never seen and I just log-in, I haven't had time to see how they post, so how in god's name would I know?

Yes, we have alt check, but having to alt check half of the server every time I log in is ridiculous. On Derk's point that people don't like change and it won't sit well...well that kind of sucks. That's honestly a personal problem. The PC name changes are completely relevant here: People liked being able to change names, it stressed the server, so goodbye to that. A large portion of the userbase can't tell who half the people are anymore because names keep changing? Okay, limit alts. A different issue causing a similar result. If people don't like change, well that's kind of too bad in my opinion. Things will change. It's life. You can't always get what you want. People will adjust. If we limited it to 5 alts I don't really see an issue. For all the alts in the alt thread that I've seen with people who have more than 5, I rarely even see them use 5 of the ones they have listed, and they stick to the main ones that they have always used. So, pretty much just having alts that sit there to get used once and never again? I don't really see the point of that.

On the topic of "knowing someone by the way they type", that isn't that easy. It's the internet. No one is always going to be in the same mood and type the same way. Leaving the staff out of this (since there is a limited number of us and it's easier to figure who is who out), there are VERY few people that I'd be able to tell. And it's not because I've known them longer or that I'm not invested in the users we have now, it's just that they are extremely unique. Elf is elf. Anyone could figure him out, let's be honest. If you see something about history or Bosh, you know it's Anti. Those things are easy to pick up on and don't take years of knowing them to realize. Slate I know because he will always add ... to the end of his sentences. Other than that, I honestly couldn't pick someone out of the crowd just by watching them type. Yes, I have alt check. Yes, I use it. Half the time it doesn't show up with anything.

I think disciplinary action is the wrong choice of words for limiting alts. We aren't punishing anyone, it'd be making a change to the server that would make it easier for people to communicate. Honestly, if people were limited to an arbitrary number of 5 alts (because I'm just using that as a basis in my head, it isn't a deep thought-out number or anything), if anything I would find it easier to have a sense of community. You will know who everyone is instead of having to play a guessing game. I mean, in reality, is just asking that big of a deal? Not really, but when people have so many alts that it changes daily it's just getting out of hand.
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