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What is Sylveon?~
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    Name: Team Crysame

    Motives: Avenging their dead Pokémon and world domination.

    Motto: You did this to us ... Let's see how you like it, dweeb!

    Types of Pokémon: Ghost Type, Dark Type and Psychic Type.

    What they look like: They wear a necromancer's robes and an eye patch, a sign of death and pain. In public, th- They never go out in public. They frequently hide within the dungeons scattered across the region, mourning, crying and plotting their revenge.

    Inspiration: They are necromancer's from the first age, returned from the dead. After their Pokémon's death many years ago, they have returned for their revenge. They are seeking for the long lost relatives of those who killed their old friends, and crush their puny souls.

    Just an idea I had once for my previous mini-make of a little hack.

    What is this Pokémon's type?
    Only she knows, and it'll stay that way for a long time.